[APK file]: WhatsApp adds new features for groups

Team continues to develop the application of instant messaging WhatsApp work on improving the service by adding new features to compete directly with the telegram Telegram and Signal.

Earlier this month, added application of instant messaging WhatsApp some new features for the talks everyone through the latest test version for Android, now ask the company owned by Facebook, these features are formal, which includes elements of control extended to staff groups, and the follow-up Group, look for participants, and the ability to set the description of the group.

And speaking of new features, it has become possible for managers of the group add a description for the group when created, which allows them to inform the participants through a short description to achieve the purpose, guidelines, or special topics to the group, and can change the group Description by the officials of the group and participants, with provided to the staff an option to prevent participants from doing so.

It also includes special features the participation of communities the possibility to talk to persons who are able to change the description and icon of the group, so that they can be limited such that the capacity on the staff only or available to all participants, and managers the group now is to remove the validity of the supervision of the participants within the group, while it is no longer possible to remove the group founder of the group that created them.

Besides, it has become possible for WhatsApp users to use the advantage of new signals within the groups, for example in case your name was mentioned in a large group you can click on the “ @ ” symbol, which now appears in the bottom left corner of the chat and you turn into conversations that mention, including the name as soon as you open the group, which prevents the loss of any important messages.

And these changes, it has become possible for users to search for specific users within the group, through the search feature within the Information section of the group, as the company announced that it had made it difficult to re-add users to groups they left, which reduces the misuse of the groups and add other people to it constantly, as it was in the past.

You can experience the application via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


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