App cocktail recipes Cocktail Flow gets updated after 7 years of its launch

تطبيق وصفات الكوكتيل Cocktail Flow يحصل على تحديث بعد 7 سنوات من إطلاقه

Application Cocktail Flow is one of the most powerful apps cocktail recipes on the store Google Play, has been launched in 2011, and truth be told that there is no application we can say it as an alternative to Cocktail Flow in the area, of course, the only drawback of the app is not updated during this long period, but for some reason without warning I got the app today on a big update ahead with the design of the whole new in addition to a range of new features.

In the photo below notice the difference the root between the old design and the new design, generally in relation to design it fully depends on the language of the materials, the design elegant, and became a filming place of the most beautiful, with the addition of interactions of the series, and the best components, as well as filters to search and the sources of cocktail recipes, compiled tips and more.

تطبيق وصفات الكوكتيل Cocktail Flow يحصل على تحديث بعد 7 سنوات من إطلاقه

And keep the application with conditions, where across this tape can add ingredients that you own and get recommendations for the preparation, and add the Sync feature, therefore you will need to log in Via as other show components of your previous conditions.

As there are added key to get more features via the app, but it’s rather expensive, where you can take advantage of these benefits at the price of subscription $ 5 per month or$ 20 a year, to get over 300 recipe cocktail special, with the ability to add your own recipes and options to jot down notes about a cocktail recipe.

Finally the development team for the app, all the features that was free before will remain free with more being added with this update, and for those who bought the extras in the old app, there is a section explaining how to recover the purchases, now, if you’re interested you can download an application update Cocktail Flow from here.

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