App Ghost Lens en montage videos terrifying professionally, and make a film you claimed to everyone, for free !

How many times have I watched videos of the terrifying products in a professional manner is? Do you think that’s hard? Did you know that you can do this with ease, all you need is the app Ghost Lens AR, and today we’ll give you him and the advantages that it offers.

تطبيق Ghost Lens AR لمونتاج مقاطع فيديو مرعبة باحترافية

App Ghost Lens en montage videos terrifying professionally

If you watched the videos and rate via youtube, various social networks, from the party your buddies, your acquaintances, follow them, and even in some movies, today with the application of Ghost Lens en you can do all of that easily.

Where you can create video clips along with photos, appear through their Ghost, only through the application of Ghost Lens, where this application lets you add effects, many related to the world of ghosts and spirits.

The advantage of catching the ghost:

Than the app feature pretty scary has been added in the latest update to the investigation, is the possibility of catching ghosts, to see them in any place, where you section dedicated to the so phone screen we have radio and some points, those points are the whereabouts of the ghosts, once you approach them you will see in the screen, you’ll see these ghosts, and all sense of wonder which you don’t see with the naked eye.

Wait, the former water course of the auction, you can mix with some of your friends and family, and exploit the capabilities of the iPhone and iPad in order to do this, it might be fun for many, but beware of using them the wrong way overstepping boundaries, especially with children and people sensitive.

App Ghost Lens AR has many advantages, we can summarize in the following:

  • The advantages are great for capturing selfies terrifying.
  • The possibility of video recording a duration of more than 60 minutes
  • More than 130 filters and special and wonderful images and videos.
  • More than 60 layer is ready for use.
  • Support video recording of 720p or 1080p.
  • Full control in the form of stealth, like flying in the sky, or out of your body !
  • A quick and easy way to shoot video and edit it.
  • The possibility of grouping the photos in a professional manner all.
  • The possibility of adding backgrounds and audio.
  • More than 60 special sticker ghosts.
  • More than 80 plan of all for writing on pictures and video.
  • Download videos from Instagram to work on them.
  • Tools editing allows you to control the finer details.
  • Watch the action via social networks.
  • Support for Apple watch to facilitate the work on the video

Within the update and the new version Added support for application additional benefits:

  • Support augmented reality AR, with the possibility to record video clips and integrate the ghosts in real time.
  • Support iPhone X and version iOS 11 and beyond.
  • Add more a lot of filters.
  • Improve and speed up the application in general.
تطبيق Ghost Lens AR لمونتاج مقاطع فيديو مرعبة باحترافية

App Ghost Lens en montage videos terrifying professionally

The app is easy to use, all you need is:

  1. Choose the version appropriate for you.
  2. Choose or shoot video or still image.
  3. Select or shoot a video or image on be version suitable for a ghost image or video.
  4. Now choose the level of notice the element of stealth by the time, in terms of the strength or weakness emerge.
  5. Now create the full article and save it

This app is free, available to iPhone and iPad with support for Apple watch smart, which is the application that specializes in giving by the horror on the photos and videos, and of course the app contains many extras you can get by paid content within.


Works on iPhone and iPad-touch and iPad .

Operating system compatible: iOS 8.1.

Size devices Apple: 123.1 MB

Download on Apple devices:

Developer : Chen Qizhang

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

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