App-miner displays Android smartphones down

Analysts antivirus company TrendMicro found out about the existence of mobile miner, threatening to devices based on the Android operating system. His work is causing excessive load on the CPU of the infected device, creating a high risk of failure.

HiddenMiner as it was dubbed by the creators, produces cryptocurrency Monero exactly the same principle as analogues, differing from most of them lack the on-Board controller. For this reason, mining will be carried out without interruption to the moment when the life of the device decreases.

HiddenMiner distributed via alternative app stores and compromised web resource. Getting on the device, the miner masquerades as a legitimate part of the operating system, and then requests permission to access administrator rights.

After obtaining the necessary rights HiddenMiner checks, do not try to deceive him by running on the Android emulator, and are convinced of the opposite, hiding the traces of their presence. When trying to disable the access of miners to the administrator, he is protected by blocking the smartphone’s screen.

The study of the miner is allowed to detect the pools and purses Monero related to “beneficiaries”, which as of March 26, brought only one purse of coins totaling more than $ 5,000. This indicates the scale of the epidemic is fraught with wear and tear of thousands of gadgets.

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