App OnePlus Gallery gets a feature to enlarge the video and another way to sort images

Adds OnePlus Gallery “Gallery OnePlus” zoom feature of the video and arrange photos by date.

تطبيق OnePlus Gallery يحصل على ميزة تكبير الفيديو وطريقة أخرى لفرز الصورApplication OnePlusGallery get the feature to enlarge the video and another way to sort images

Gets the application image gallery devices OnePlus Gallery on a lot of updates, but still these updates in the context of general fixes and improvements on stability, this time there is a new update with added feature of two, the first to feature zoom the video when you run it, and second the possibility to sort the images in a new way.

For water first, it came in the version of the OnePlus Gallery 3.7.13 which to start the launch a few weeks ago, but now he has reached everyone, so that you can double-click to fill the screen vertically, or use the option to enlarge the video then move the video to focus on the part of the frame of interest.

As for the group photo, it just appeared with the latest version of the Institute 3.7.19, so that you will find this option in the Settings tab and then the option to sort the images by, here you can leave the images sorted by capture date or by date added to your phone.

Finally, to experience these features, you must have the version of the OnePlus Gallery 3.7.19 the latest from the app, and you can get it by going to the app page on the Google Play Store, or download a file the APK.

Download update OnePlusGallery 3.7.19 on the Google Play Store.

Download file the APK to improve OnePlusGallery 3.7.19.

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