App Store or Google Play: where the developers earn more?

For anybody not a secret that the App store brings Apple huge revenue. Branded application catalog for the iPhone appeared much earlier than Google Play and was able to quickly become an industry leader. Despite the obvious numerical superiority of Android devices, Apple remains a dominant player. But how the App Store is more profitable than Google? Intelligence Sensor Tower is ready to give an answer to this burning question.

According to the latest report from the Sensor Tower, the most successful developers and publishers (top 100) was able to capitalize on their apps in the App Store and Google Play an average of 130 million dollars. The average gross proceeds is significantly higher in the App Store — 83,8 million dollars. This rate is only for Google Play — 51 million dollars. The advantage of application directory Apple is more than obvious.

Over the year the App Store has demonstrated revenue growth of 31.3%, while Google Play has gained 31.2 percent. The figures are very close and a clear leader here.

Analysts believe — non-game applications better to develop for iOS. An illustrative example program from the list of the top 100 publishers brought in an average of $ 23 million. Quite different is the situation with Google Play. During the same settlement period, developers on average earned only $ 7 million. This variation in the incomes of the experts associated with the fact that Android piracy is rampant.

We will remind that last year the Sensor Tower has published General statistics on App Store and Google Play. It turned out that the corporate app catalog Apple almost twice more profitable than its main rival — in 2018, the users spent in the App Store by 88% more than in Google Play.

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