App Tap Tap will add the function of double tapping on the back cover on your Android smartphone

In the first build of Android 11 for developers had discovered the mention of the function of double tapping on the back of smartphones Pixel that performs certain actions. For example, double tapping would be possible to launch the Google Assistant or the camera, control music playback, etc. However, in subsequent releases beta Android 11 mention about this feature disappeared from the firmware.

In June of the same functionality demonstrated by Apple releasing the first beta of iOS 14. In addition, it became known that Xiaomi is also planning to introduce the feature of double tapping in MIUI 12.

The developer Kieron Quinn, known on the forum XDA-Developers under the name Quinny899managed to port the feature to double tap in application mode on almost any Android device. Device requirements: the device must support the ARMv8 architecture and running Android Nougat 7.0 or higher.

The app is called Tap Tap and it is unable to test everyone. After installing the program, you need to grant it permission in settings Accessibility Service. In the Actions tab, you can customize the action for double-tapping (if you choose multiple actions, they will be activated in sequence). Section Gates sets up a scenario where double-tapping is not supposed to work. And Gestures you can choose one of three smartphone models to test which one is most works with your device.

Judging by the user reviews, the app Tap Tap works very well, given that this is the first alpha version. Write in the comments your impressions about the program, if you have already managed to test it!

Source: XDA-Developers

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