App TikTok now available from the new in India, having been blocked earlier

tiktok app

No longer apply TikTok banned in India after a court ordered the Tamil Nadu earlier prohibition download the app on the Store iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. At the outset, the court stated that the house was encouraged to publish the content of the risk lead to the destruction of cultural heritage after the emergence of risks relating to the purposes for porn and the exploitation of children.

After the submission of the petition by the company Bytedance Technology, which oversees the application development TikTok, the ban was lifted on the application, this means that users can now download the app again from the app stores mentioned above.

Technically, this area is always available for users in India, as long as they have the app on their smartphones, the the Indian the only prohibition download the app from the App Store Official. Currently, the app has been downloaded almost 300 million times in India, with over a million download all over the world.

Basically, all the app does is to provide some special effects that users update short video recorded their own, but some politicians and parents, the Indians said that the content is appropriate. The company said that a very small part of the content was obscene and worship now 500 thousand dollars in today’s ” financial losses “.

The biggest problem is that it’s clear that he can block any social media at whim, but this increases the deterioration of the freedom of the people living in the most democratic of countries in the world.


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