App update Netflix comes player new video and more

تحديث تطبيق Netflix يأتي بمُشغّل فيديو جديد وأكثر

One cannot deny the famous preference service Netflix or Netflix in Arabic, where the months of VOD services on the internet, in spite of this preference, but they include some of the missing elements, which he always wanted for service users to see her sooner rather than later, as well as having some queries and curiosities such as the user interface that weren’t in the day worthy of the service.

Generally in the new update for the open hopes many users have now got the app on a complete redesign of the main facade, to become the easy-to-navigate design, as there are the new video player, the owner controls the other new, where the supports are ratings, delays for 10 seconds, as well as its support to press Double on the right and left side of the screen, aiming also to reduce or delay the video.

Now you will enjoy the control a larger, especially for the icons of the operating and pause, with the presence of the feature labels to improve the milk quickly or run the audio or even view the translation, as there is a button “next episode”, which will allow you to quickly move to the next stage of any Show are currently watching.

Finally update Netflix is currently available on Android only, and there is no word for the update of the iOS, but sooner or later we will see it on this system.

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