Appeared on the market first gaming TV with support for FreeSync

As you know, modern “big” consoles are very similar in their characteristics. And Xbox One (all models), and PS4 (all models) is based on hybrid AMD processors, which contains eight Jaguar cores and AMD with one or another, depending on the model of prefix, number of stream processors.

And it also means that the console can support the technology AMD FreeSync. If anyone knows, is the adaptive change of the frame rate, which allows you to make the picture very smooth. And recently, Microsoft through updates added to its modern consoles support FreeSync.

One problem — the market is not “gaming” TVs with support for FreeSync. More precisely, it was not. As soon as rumors about the imminent release of an update for the Xbox that will bring FreeSync, I assumed that gaming TVs will appear.

In General, they appeared. And very unusual. Instead of releasing new models, Samsung went and released the update for several models QLED 2018 model year. In the end, the TV Q6FN, Q7FN, Q8FN, Q9FN and NU8000 already support FreeSync, that is, they can rightly be called a gaming TV. I think I will be tightened, and other manufacturers. I am particularly pleased that add support can only be through a software update. So, if you have a new cool TV, it is quite possible that soon he too will turn into a game. As for consoles Sony, no rumors on this occasion I have not met, but given the architectural identity, we can expect that the PS4/PS4 Pro will soon receive the same update.

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