Apple accidentally on a date ask computer Mac Pro new

Was a computer the Mac Pro is one of the largest ads that have been put forward in the conference, Apple’s Worldwide Developers last week, which sparked great controversy because of its design, where it looks like a grater wholesale, rather than the form of the trash can this time, which was the previous model of this device. Said the Apple to the launch of the machine in the fall, but it probably revealed accidentally about a month version before you intend to.

Error on Apple’s website on the date ask computer Mac Pro

آبل تخطىء بشأن موعد طرح حاسوب Mac Pro المكتبي الجديدApple plans on a date ask computer Mac Pro desktop new

Clicking the link “Notify Me” section in the Mac Pro page on the Apple key to running a pop-up window asking for your email address to get updates about the release date of the device, however the Library dialog click box e-mail to a computer Mac Pro , the new will come in the beginning of the month of September, oddly enough when you click the exist Notify Me in the landing page of the Mac Pro, says the pop-up window message confirms that the new computer will be “coming this autumn” It is known that the beginning of the month of autumn is the end of the month of September it is usual in the United States it is referred to as the month of October.

This lack of a formal announcement on the release date, indicates that this was a mistake from Apple, and apparently it did not occur after the official deadline to ask the device its new, whatever it is, if you are going to buy a Mac Pro , you need to be with you. the amount of 6000 dollars which is the price of the new machine attachments.

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