Apple achieved sales of 22.5 million units of smart watches in 2018

Possessed Apple company 50% from the sales of smart watches by 2018, however, its market share also fell by 10%.

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Reports are that work on monitoring the movement of the market over the past year, in the latest of these reports published recently revealed new developments in the sales of smart watches by 2018.

The report reveals the sales of Apple Smart Watch which reached 22.5 million units from older versions of the Apple Watch along with the last version also, where the control of the sales of the Apple on 50% of the total smart watches that have been shipped in 2018.

While filling the second place on sales of smart watches by 2018, the company Fitbit, which has achieved sales of 5.5 million units in 2018, although the number is less by a large margin on the sales of Apple, the proportion of sales of Fitbit smart watches to miss out on sales of the Korean giant Samsung.

It was an hour Fitbit the Versa is the best choice for users of smart watches in the United States, with a smart watch of good price software perform distinctive also.

On the other hand, lost Apple 10% of the market share in sales of smart watches by 2018, although the control of the company 50% of sales of smart watches, while the share of the company Fitbit market share from 1.7% to 12.2% through 2018, so it seems that Apple has lost part of its market share in the end in favor of the purchase of Fitbit.

Samsung has achieved the height of the small market share also grew by 1% only, to share in the sales of smart watches in 2018 to 11.8%, and the expectation is that Samsung will achieve the height of the last with the launch of Watch Active to markets.


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