Apple acquires 62% of the profits from the phones World!

After exceeding the value of Apple’s market cap to a trillion dollars last month and announced the phones new iPhone XS and XS Max new a few days ago, announced the data of Counterpoint Research for the control of Apple on 62% of the value of the global profits in the smartphone market during the second quarter of this year grossing revenue of $ 30 million, with net profit exceeding $ 6 million dollars!

In second place came the giant Korean Samsung 17% of global profits, a proportion much lower than achieved by Apple’s profits, where not to exceed one-third of the ratio of Apple to say the least, where the profits of Apple in the second quarter of 2018 in smart phones more than 3.6 times the amount made by the Samsung company.

And the other side has seen Chinese companies are promising and on top of Huawei’s growth in the second quarter, followed by Huawei in second place with 8% of the profits from the phones world, but the Oppo, and Vivo and Shawty were sold in the fourth, fifth and sixth by 5% and 4% and 3%, respectively.

The second part of the report shows the percentage of sales by categories price, keeping phones that exceed a value of $ 800 in green, this category, under the control of Apple absolutely, and in the second part of the diagram show the phones that ranges between 600 and 800 dollars in gray, and dominated by Samsung and Apple by convergent.

The last part of the illustration, refers to phones that range in value between 400 and 600 dollars, there are Chinese phones where the equal share of the Oppo with Apple in this category increased by 22%, and the convergence Huawei Samsung by 14% and 16% respectively, followed by Shao Wu plus.

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