Apple acquires a company specialized artificial intelligence self-driving cars

Availability of Apple to strengthen its efforts in the automotive sector self-leadership emphasizes more than the former, it intends to launch an automated command system of its own rather than the self-driving car is full, and within those efforts comes the acquisition of a company America is specialized in developing artificial intelligence algorithms that allow cars driving on their own and by a computer and not a human.

Designed Apple TV that the company as a result of team work, therefore you want to acquisition in order to transfer their work without paying attention to the actual patent invented or real products have.

Not known after the value of the transaction, except that the company received funding of approximately $ 77 million since its inception 4 years ago and reached its market capitalization to $ 200 million two years ago.

To change the Apple TV has expanded the fleet of cars testing and collaborated with the company Volkswagen to begin with her AP tests, and earlier this year pulled the Apple TV 200 staff from the project without providing any official explanation.

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