Apple acquires a company that merges real faces with a virtual avatar

Spaces, which specializes in virtual reality and integrates it with applications such as a virtual avatar, becomes Apple's latest acquisition.

Apple acquires a virtual reality company that is merging real faces with a virtual avatar - Spaces

Apple is further expanding the virtual reality sector by acquiring startups. And now with Spaces, which specializes in providing a virtual reality experience and integrating it with applications such as a virtual avatar that appears in video chat services Zoom.

This company split from DreamWorks and its first project was a virtual reality game with a design inspired by the Terminator movie series in which four people play in a semi-realistic manner, where their real faces are on the virtual characters.

Before starting to play, the player's face is scanned with a camera attached to the wall, and the image is used to mount it on the avatar and the avatar.

Due to the Corona virus crisis, Spaces was forced to close its offices and services that it provides to companies, and it seems that Apple has found an opportunity in it as it acquired the company and its technologies without disclosing the value of the deal.

Apple has similar advantages as facial expressions are taken and applied to emoji, as is the case with memoji, so the company may offer a new feature similar to it with the addition of real faces on those icons, as well as other applications in virtual and augmented reality.

As usual, Apple has stated about this acquisition by saying that it buys small companies every now and then but does not discuss information about them.



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