Apple acquires company arising again, this time specializing in conversions

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Choose albums and songs favorite users is the system easy to create. All you need is to make sure that you have a library large enough to choose from. It could be songs recommended is crucial, and this is an area that excelled in the service of Spotify where playlists are songs recommended from among the one of the main features in this region.

However, it seems that Apple is not resting on its laurels because according to a new report released today from the site of Axios, he says that Apple has acquired a company specializing in analytics called Asaii. It seems that the purpose of this acquisition is to help Apple to strengthen the recommendations in the Apple Music service.

The report claims that this deal worth less than US $ 100 million, although it has not been confirmed officially yet. However, even if confirmed, it is likely to get a statement from Apple about how to acquiring startups from time to time. However, it has been noted that on LinkedIn, the founders of the three to buy Asaii listed as CEO in the section of the Apple Music service within the Apple.

It remains to be seen whether Asaii will continue to work as usual, or whether the acquisition means the end of this company. But as we have seen in the processes of the acquisition of the former for Apple, they usually take your technology to those companies and include them in their current products, rather than allowing those companies to operate independently.



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