Apple acquires company arising Pullstring specialized in voice search, according to a new report


When it comes to assistants, digital, Siri accepts in rank behind all of the Google Assistant, and Alexa, which the NABE scene in the market of digital assistants, thanks to smart speakers. However, it seems that Apple plans to help improve Siri with the latest possessions are caused by.

According to a recent report from the site of Axios, it appears that Apple has acquired the company Pullstring. In case you haven’t heard about this company before, they are a company specializing in the design and launch Audio Apps. The company was established in the beginning of 2011 where she specialized in the creation of apps voice for children’s games, and expanded the functions of the police after that to create a product for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What Apple intends to do exactly with the acquisition, this is still not clear, but it is certain that the acquisition, this will help to enhance the capabilities and functions of the digital assistant Siri. However, it is synonymous with the Apple buying startups and integrating their products and services in their own products, just as happened when I got on the application of the Workflow and converted it to Siri Shortcuts, or when I got to the service Beats Music and turned it into Apple Music.

Did not confirm the Apple nor the company Pullstring process of acquisition, and are stated as cost, but it is said that the process of acquisition of these expensive Apple fighter material is relatively low.

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