Apple acquires company artificial intelligence specializing in images to develop her voice

According to a report from Axios, the company acquired the Apple company emerging in the field of artificial intelligence based in San Francisco, called PullString, which is specialized in helping companies develop and implement voice applications.

Apple buys AI voice startup

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It was founded PullString in 2011 by the staff of Pixar former CEO, Oren Jacob, a former Chief Technology Officer of the purchase of Pixar. Until now, the company PullString very well-known in the field of technology as the most important in the development of voice applications to children’s dolls, such as doll Hello Barbie.

It is not yet clear what will Apple’s deal with the company PullString, which is said to be worth less than $ 100 million, but its investment of more than $ 44 million as capital until now.

Also worked PullString also to assist companies in the development of audio applications, including the assistant Alexa with Amazon and the Assistant Google. So, we can assume that Apple will use to develop her voice Siri, which lacks many of the capabilities and skills provided by the aide of Amazon and Google.


I know of

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