Apple acquires company artificial intelligence voice application Siri

Apple acquired a company specializing in helping developers making apps voice are put to use in the development of voice assistant Siri.

Company Pullstring offer developers the possibility to develop a prototype and implement applications voice. Use many of the developers of its services with the assistant Alexa, the Assistant Google.

Since the years come Apple in the field of vocal techniques with they made Siri a long time ago from the appearance of its competitors from Google and Amazon, but its potential is much lower and even level of intelligence and the type of tasks that can be performed less.

The company was founded Pullstring America in 2011 by former directors of the giant production Pixar, the company began initial work to develop apps voice dolls for children. And used the major companies such as Samsung and Activision later their services in relation to the context of dialogue with applications.

The company has collected funding by about $ 44 billion it was valued at $ 160 million, but sources suggest the transaction value of purely $ 30 million, except for $ 10 million to go to customers.

Of course, cooperating with Apple means that the possibilities of expansion greater future for the company, as well as support for Apple products especially the voice assistant Siri on the hope to be able to suitable less at least.

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