Apple acquires company iKinema British development service Apple Arcade

Apple acquired the company, iKinema, British specialist in the field of الـ3D Animation with great expertise in animatronics and simulation where the most important products of this company are software allow the analysis of the human body and freedoms to the cartoon is realistic.

The process of acquisition has become confirmed by Apple itself except that the giant of Cupertino did not explain the reason for this acquisition as well as it did not disclose the deal value, but we all know that Apple Care with the acquisition of emerging companies to adapt their technology, innovations in products like the iPhone and iPad.

Company I. Kane as he already has collaborations with huge names such as Disney, Fox, Sony and where they are leading already in the field of work and ensures that their technology has appeared in films such as the huge Blade Runner 2094 and Thor Ragnarok.

All analyses and reports suggesting that Apple intend to use the techniques of this company in the development of the same using the iPhone, coupled with the development of the Apple platform arcade and make them integrated to a large extent with the techniques of virtual reality, this while Apple just leaks plans to launch a system of virtual reality in the early 2020.

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