Apple acquires company NextVR emerging in a deal worth $ 100 million

Confirmed Apple company terminated acquisition, the company NextVR-ups that I knew to broadcast the content of the virtual reality, where the terminated acquisition of $ 100 million.

Join a company NextVR to the technology giant after the completion of the acquisition is fully in the coming period, where the company NextVR one of the startups that I knew the experiences of the content of the virtual reality which presents live upon request.

I know of

As I knew the company NextVR is providing experience of virtual reality in the events that require the broadcast of a live virtual reality, including the events of the PlayStation, the وOculus, HTC, and Lenovo, and Microsoft, as the company announced earlier for the start of a new direction for the company in the technology of virtual reality.

Has been coupled with content that offers from NextVR sporting events which are broadcast on CNN network news, or sports leagues such as NBA and NASCAR, where she works, NextVR on the broadcast content of the virtual reality of the highest quality.

Recall that the company NextVR of the startups that began in 2009, where it recorded since its launch the number of 26 patents targeting the capture, compression, or transfer the display content of the virtual reality.

On the other hand, did not reveal Apple officially about the value of the acquisition, except that the leaks have confirmed that Apple acquired the NextVR worth 100 million dollars, and I started both the Apple company and NextVR to inform staff of new changes to the process of acquisition.


I know of

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