Apple acquires discovery platform musical talent emerging Platoon

آبل تستحوذ على منصة اكتشاف المواهب الموسيقية الناشئة Platoon

In order to strengthen its services to the real purpose Apple to buy a small company startups working in the area of the discovery and development of musical talent which has confirmed its acquisition of the Platoon that works to help independent artists and support of financial, distribution and marketing of out products, did not disclose the financial value of Page acquisition.

Can predict that the acquisition of the Platoon serves primarily platform Apple TV Up Next to develop the talent which started since last year 2017 where was the rapper 6lack first experiences and Apple’s turn to broadcast his songs via its service music in store Music iTunes store.

For the last few years we see that company investment in this aspect, where included blush Shazam is competent to identify the musical tracks, and stepped away a little bit about the content with the acquisition of the company Asaii competent analysis of the music content, and today بـPlatoon to discover talent as did not specify where the company will play home in the head, but can say for sure that Platoon will play a key role in the development of the talents of a small and expanding the product globally and owning a new weapon in the face of its competitors which will give the Palmer border is positive on the services Apple TV music and increase its share of the global market.

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