Apple admitted that iPhone 11 keeps track of your location. Why?

Apple has the answer to any question. Despite the fact that sometimes the company takes a short timeout to formulate it, in most cases, its officials are trying to release statements on important topics almost immediately. After all, if the questions about problems in the MacBook keyboard or premature discharge of the iPhone require careful consideration, when it comes to reputation, can not pull. Therefore, in Cupertino so quickly responded to a recent study by Brian Krebs, who found that iPhone 11 Pro is a covert surveillance users.

Ultra Wideband activates location services even though you have disabled them

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Automatic activation of geopositioning systems is not a malfunction but a manifestation of the normal operation of smartphones, said Apple. It is called the system services that do not have a separate switch in the settings. This feature is characteristic only for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and is not shown on the earlier models, because only these three smartphones are equipped with technology-enabled Ultra Wideband. The fact that the chip U1, which provides her work, from time to time uses data about the current location of the user to ensure it is in an area where its use is permitted.

Ultra Wideband technology is spatial orientation, which ensures that the chip U1. It allows high accuracy to determine the location of other devices, compatible with Ultra Wideband. It can be used to find other iPhone in the transmission of data via AirDrop, open locks of cars, and more.

Why Ultra Wideband is not working in Russia

“Ultra Wideband is an industrial technology, the use of which is governed by the legislation of many countries. In some countries, the use of Ultra Wideband is prohibited, and that Apple must abide by this rule. iOS uses location services to determine is if the iPhone in regions where there is a ban on the exploitation of technology to be able to disable the chip U1 and to comply with local laws. The data obtained in the process of geopositioning remain on the device and not uploaded to Apple,” the company said.

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In principle, the answer to Apple sounds logical and completely justified. Still technology Ultra Wideband really are illegal in some countries, including in Russia. This is due to the requirements of the Federal law “On communication”, which States that all electronic and high-frequency devices being source of electromagnetic radiation, are subject to mandatory registration. Most likely, the domestic office Apple just did not have time to get permission from Roskomnadzor to operate technology, and therefore was forced to block it.

As Apple blocks iPhone

Quite a remarkable way of blocking, which chose in Cupertino. It turns out that the U1 chip itself limits its work where its use is prohibited. This is, firstly, allows Apple to spend the time to work through restrictive mechanisms, and, secondly, technology gives the opportunity to activate in those countries where it is permitted and allowed to operate. Thus, if you come to Europe or North America, where problems with the law, Apple’s Russian iPhone 11 with support for Ultra Wideband will allow you to easily activate it and use it for geolocation for data transmission via AirDrop.

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