Apple alerts users of updates that slow down its phones

Signed Apple’s agreement with the competition authority, markets and the British provided their consent to it will be more explicit and transparent about the updates coming to the identity of its smart especially in the case if the cause in the delay devices.

Order that in the wake of widespread criticism exposed the company late in the year 2017, when I thought that they cause in slowing down the performance of the older phones due to the decline in the performance of the batteries with the passage of time.

The board has raised concerns with Apple last year on their practice related to slow hardware and lack of warnings to consumers, said in a statement, “since the raised body the competition and markets its stores, Apple has begun already to be more flexible with the users of iPhone.

She added, “however, the announcement last week to limit the police in the formal commitment of the need to inform the people always when the update version of my program planned if it is expected to affect the performance of the phone is of the essence”.

According to the agreement, Apple said it will provide further information that can be accessed around the “battery health and safety closures are not expected,” he pledged guidance on how to measure iPhone users upgrading the battery in their device, such as changing settings or running low-power mode or battery replacement.

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