Apple allows free download Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X

Here for more than a week many of them are quarantined, and it is unclear when the situation with the pandemic stabiliziruemost. All tea supplies are probably already drunk (but not atmosphere) the apartment is cleaned several times, the old things are deconstructed, what then to do? Apple has decided to come to the aid of anyone who had been a prisoner of his own home, and went to a rather unusual step for itself — now you can for free download Final Cut Pro X or Logic Pro X.

Now there is something to do at home

Free Final Cut Pro X

Apple has provided a new 90-day trial period for these two applications, and if for Final Cut Pro X I used to have arranged such an action (but only for 30 days), then Logic Pro X receives the test period for the first time. Obviously, professional users have long purchased these apps, but the students and all who want to try something new (and there are many such people), will surely appreciate this gift from Apple. Given that the Mac App Store, Final Cut Pro X costs 22 990 rubles, and Logic Pro X — 14 990 rubles.

In the current economic situation it is unlikely users will spend the money on apps, and Apple probably understands this, so he came to the aid of all the creative owners of Mac computers.

How to download free Final Cut Pro X

To access the 90-day free version of Final Cut Pro X, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Apple site dedicated to Final Cut Pro X
  2. Fill in the form, where you specify the name, surname, email and country
  3. Click the “Download free trial”

You need to specify the real name, surname and e-mail

This will start downloading the 90 day trial version of the application. Note that for Final Cut Pro X requires a Mac with macOS 10.14.6 or later, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended for video editing in 4K, 3D titling and video in 360 °), video card with support for Metal. Also a minimum of 1 GB of video RAM is recommended for editing 4K, 3D titling and video in 360 °. Well advance free 3.8 GB of free space on the disk.

To deal with Final Cut Pro can help you with the lessons that we released on our YouTube channel. Since then, many new features, but the basics can be understood.

How to download free Logic Pro X

The procedure is the same, but on the applications page of Logic Pro X on the Apple website. However, while there is no button “start trial” — according to Apple representatives, the trial period for Logic Pro X will begin soon. We’ll update this article as soon as the app will be distributed free of charge.

The program Final Cut Pro X became available in 2011, however, despite ample opportunities, not all have appreciated it. Most perceived it rather as a Pro version of iMovie, rather than a tool for professional work with video. It took 4 years before rolling out the first Hollywood film edited using Final Cut Pro X — it was “Focus” with will Smith.

The film “Focus” in Final Cut Pro X

The transition from FCP to FCP X for many users was a pleasant event since the update has become much easier and more intuitive to use. Meanwhile, many professionals then were angry and complained that such a drastic simplification of their beloved Final Cut turned into iMovie for advanced users.

Now Final Cut Pro X is one of the world’s best tools for professional video editing. The development of the Apple enjoyed by many Directors and creators of music videos. Logic Pro X is used for professional work with sound.

And for those who don’t want to exert yourself and just want to relax, you can offer just to find interesting series and to run through the seasons video series. Well, or to read a book that long ago was going. You can still buy a game for console that are now everywhere at a discount, and pass it. Or use the useful tips from our colleagues

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