Apple and Microsoft are set with the application of iCloud, a new copy of Windows is now available on the Microsoft Store

آبل ومايكروسوفت أنتجتا معاً تطبيق iCloud جديد لنسخة الويندوز متوفر الآن على متجر مايكروسوفت

At a time when the iCloud is always available on devices Windows except that some of the problems she was facing the audience Windows users than owners of Apple devices in sync their cloud, their use of them, to give Apple and Microsoft today, the application of iClould new in the Microsoft Store through a joint cooperation to facilitate the users access to their files and take advantage of the synchronization and maintain a space of their interior.

Where the fruition of the partnership between Apple and Microsoft application iCloud new works in the same way as sync followed in the cloud Microsoft OneDrive and is the property of synchronization on demand, which means that in the event of your being of the beneficiaries of the system Windows you can now access your files stored in iCloud through this app across Windows 10 without the need to sync computer to the cloud fully.

Oddly enough in the topic that we see a partnership between Apple and Microsoft take the curve of the availability of integrated, especially in cloud storage services, which is experiencing fierce competition in market, it remains a hopeful and about the company’s future will have a positive impact in facilitating the life of users digital on the difference of operating systems and the hardware used.

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