Apple and the problem of privacy and his partner, U1

The company Apple recently after the launch of iOS 13, fired a number of updates for the iPhone and iPad and organs of the other, and fix problems, and close loopholes they know about the security updates. Since the beginning of January, Apple has launched the beta version of iOS 13.3.1 initial, then by for the third Test, especially after the Apple TV several complaints from users of devices iPhone 11 tracking sites until after the closing of the option Location Services in the settings, so added the option to turn off the chip U1 in this update in addition to some other improvements.

After the launch of iOS updates 13.3.1 expected to be promulgated shortly, you will be able to the user from closing this feature, but note that once you disable the water is affected by the performance of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi this other than disabling the features provided U1, this is because the new chip is based of wireless communications in general.

In response to a complaint of users that the slide works all the time and the community of site users, said Apple TV to radio wave super display which are used in the chip U1 standard technology in the industry and the requirements of international regulatory require turn them off in certain locations. We must therefore work all the time to help determine whether the “iPhone” is present in this restricted websites in order to disrupt the radio waves, ultra-width and compliance with regulations and laws. And tell Apple that GPS is on the device and don’t say Apple collects location data of the user.

What is the segment U1 is?

If you have iPhone 11, of any class and you don’t know what is the chip U1, the death of you read the article in which we talked in detail about this slide, if you have follow-up, because your device has an awesome feature and you don’t know anything about her.

شريحة U1

Work chip U1 through the reliance on technology UWB or radio waves to ultra-high display which can be better, faster and more accurate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi according to Apple on its official website that the slide operates to enable the capacity of transmission on a large scale thanks to the technique of Ultra Wideband, which allows for iPhone, locate each other when they are close once there his iPhone towards someone else you will feature AirDrop to send files very quickly and this will improve the feature AirDrop, which still has some problems especially when trying to share files in crowded places full of persons, such as public places Conferences, concerts and other.

Technology-scale super-width UWB may be the best alternative to other communication such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi where is the Bluetooth technology is accurate or even safe is Wi-Fi unlike the technique of UWB, which provides the ability to send ultra-high speed of twice the speed of other technologies as they safely enjoy fully thanks to the ability to the encryption used as a wave of UWB technique the time of flight to the cities that will use its reference to send the device back this means that the technique is able to determine the distance and even the direction the bluetooth, he can measure the distances but based on the strength of the signal between the two organs which can be affected by other things. Other than the distance.

If you own an iOS device-iPhone 11, you have amazing technology will become in time a replacement for Bluetooth, it is felt that the in your device and felt better in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on your iPhone and 11?

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