Apple and WhatsApp offer download a copy of the user data

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Apple launched a special page on its website called the gate of the privacy called by their users to download a copy of the data held by them.

Currently support the portal users of the European states commitment to the Law of the GDPR data protection which enters into force after two days, but over the coming months will all the nations of the world.

Passing through the gate the download of data related to the activity of the user on the App Store and other stores such as books, Clayton as well as her service to the musical and even the activity of the user in the Apple Store a real such as maintenance operations.

As well as containing data of a service by the cloud IP cloud such as favorites, calendar entries, reminders, photos and documents that are saved on it.

It also allows the portal users to correct data and personal information and even deactivate the account or delete it completely.

After a request to set up a file of your personal data from Apple, the process will take some time, up until a week depending on the size of the data will be free when you’re ready to download it will be deleted from the servers of the Apple after two weeks of downloading them.

Provides Apple TV set options for the size of the data to even kiss her, don’t download one huge file, you can split it into several files to have each and every one of them the size of one of the options 1 – 2 – 5 – 10 – 25 GB.

On the other hand, the chat application WhatsApp on the iPhone has become a lets a property to request a copy of the account information across the fabric 2.18.60 now available on the App Store.

Through the settings, and then account Options Find a new option which is requested account information to send you everything you know WhatsApp about you and they don’t include messages conversations, of course, because it is encrypted and stored have WhatsApp.

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