Apple announce the date of the conference on detection of the iPad next

Apple announced for just about conference on Tuesday, October 30, which will be held in the Hall of the Academy, the Brooklyn Conservatory of music in New York. Has been sending invitations to the media and guests already. As always the event starts at 10 AM Pacific time or 8 pm GMT Saudi Arabia. And the timing of Egypt

The conference comes a feeling there’s more in the making or can be translated “there is more to be equipped” if you don’t mean the Apple with the Making or for the amendment to the films and other. In general, the conference is expected to be a busy and watching the tech largely because it is expected to detect the products if you believe the rumors about them it means the beginning of a new direction for Apple. The following locations:


IPad: is expected that Apple launched the iPad, a new edition of the traditional and the mainland; so far nothing impressive, even with the Save feature fingerprint, facial and camera depth. But rumors recently that Apple will cancel the charging port of the traditional and move to rely on the USB C for the first time in the family of iOS as well as offering quick charger PD strongly 18W with the iPad, which will tell us a little bit about the future of the iPhone because Apple would choose the iDevice the iPad what you want to add the iDevice iPhone. Funny that there are rumors that Apple may launch hear new on the iPad instead of the pro. Will call him X and the largest X Max?


Mac: too long a period passed without a hardware update Mac. Since 2013 I didn’t see the Mac pro new since 2014 is not updated the Mac Mini since nearly a year and a half I didn’t see the update for the iMac, so everyone’s waiting to update family Mac.


Accessories: it is rumored that Apple will launch updates to a lot of accessories such as a new generation of the Apple stylus will work with the iPhone as well as a new generation of headset AirPods and probably the Charger Wireless (expected weak) and finally other rumors on the HomePod and update it or release a mini version of it.

What do you expect the conference hall? Will Apple outlook as usual or will there be a surprise? Share your opinion

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