Apple announced a possible increase in prices for their products

Apple Inc. preparing for the fact that the introduction of import duties on equipment produced in China, leading to higher prices for its products. This writes Bloomberg referring to the official explanation filed by the company with the Commission on securities and stock exchange trade of the United States.

“Disputes in international trade can lead to the introduction of new tariffs and other protectionist measures that will have a negative impact on the Company’s activities, — says the document. — Rates may increase the value of the Company’s products, as well as used for their production raw materials.”

The price increase on the iPhone

Apple does not release specific products for which the price may rise, however, it is of paramount importance. According to official information, the US imposed import duties in respect of certain strictly specified list of products, which includes never important to Apple products.

In particular, the imposition of import duty subject to smart watches and speakers. But fortunately for Apple and its customers, the list was included only original Apple Watch, which has long been removed from sale, without affecting the newer models and HomePod related to speakers.

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