Apple announces acquiring Weather app Dark Sky

The company announced the Apple today about acquiring Weather app Dark Sky, as the company confirmed its plans to close the version Your with Android وWear OS on the first of July.

The application of Dark Sky One of the most famous custom applications for the platform my Andorid and iOS, also the longer the app one of the finest custom applications to predict the weather.

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Also will be available the application of Dark Sky during the coming period for the iOS in the Apple App Store, while the app will be removed from the platform and landed وWear OS on the first of July, so won’t the app is available for download on the platforms, while it will refund the subscription for the users.

On the other hand, is the application of Dark Sky for weather forecast, maps work on the browser until the first of July, as well as the web site to support users of the iOS platform, and also the API in action until the end of next year.

Recall that the projections indicate that Apple acquired the app Dark Sky to enhance the application of the Weather Company, where she managed to get Apple to use the data Yahoo, channel Weather to push information include the weather application on the platform of the company.


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