Apple announces October 30th as the date to reveal the iPad Pro

آبل تعلن عن 30 أكتوبر موعدًا للكشف عن آيباد برو

Conferences Strong provided by Apple for its products this year, but apparently they haven’t finished introducing new products in the market very competitive this year, as the company announced on the conference “there’s more in the making” on October 30, the current detector iPad Pro and Mac devices.

Unusually, the new conference will be in Brooklyn in New York, and after that the police were accustomed to hold their meetings in the Hall of Steve Jobs in the garden Apple is located in Cupertino, California.

It is expected from the company to launch the iPad Pro next to some improvements on the Mac and possibly launch a low-cost version, the next to launch new updates for systems running the property iPhone, iPad, or Mac, or VI.

The reports have talked about the capacity of Apple to make the iPad Pro smaller by reducing the dialogue while keeping its size as it is, in addition to removing the screen button to the main support with protection to the Face ID.

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