Apple announces repair batteries H by the smart free


Apple has released a new amendment to the “service policy” for the second part of the hour its smart Apple watch Series 2, which the company will build it to fix all the damaged batteries your clock is free, but does not apply the process of reform of the Council, except the hours Series 2 which come to $ 42 mm, which includes all models for this coast.

According to the published site phonearena India, was the discovery of this new policy in an internal Memorandum distributed to employees, shops, and reform processes free hours of category 2 that don’t work because of damage to the battery, as will Apple also fixes the hours when you get out the screen from the place allotted to him because of the same problem, with note that the length of time the service is 3 years from the time of purchase.

Of course, the smart watches are checked by an employee of Apple, in order to ascertain the cause of the problem, and then is sent to the facilities allocated to it.

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