Apple announces repair free for holiday lighting in the screen of the MacBook Pro 2016

آبل تعلن عن إصلاح مجاني لعطل الإضاءة في شاشات MacBook Pro 2016

Apple announced the launch of the reform program of the MacBook Pro 2016, which have suffered from failures at the level of the screen on the background of the defect in the cable connecting the device and its display or what is known as the meanest the Flexgate, where the company will provide repair free copy Pro the 13 inch chosen problem; and thus lighten the burden which was imposed on the owners where the cost to fix it $ 700 because of the inevitability of change to full screen in this case.

While warranties cover the repair free new version MacBook Pro 13-inch, the report of iFixit reported that some copies of the 15-inch also suffer from the same problem; which makes the owners not lucky for the moment not falling under the current coverage, but was announced by Apple may be promising for the location where it will compensate the persons that they fixed this back in advance on their personal account, which means that the program may include in their case expanded to 15 inches.

It is worth mentioning that the version of MacBook Pro 2018 has been launched with a solution to this problem by extending the flex cable hyphenated nutritious drink of the same device, which in the case so far without a test similar issues where the Apple TV this update without mentioning the fact that the malfunction of the screen in its previous returns for this reason.

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