Apple announces stop the application of Facebook, Research and all applications of the company’s internal

آبل تُعلن عن إيقاف تطبيق Facebook Research وتحظر جميع تطبيقات الشركة الداخلية

Currently Facebook is at the center of another scandal, this time did not get angry users, but it angered Apple, the reason for the development of Facebook, Research and publication site TechCrunch, where the report states that Facebook developed and applied this to monitor all activities on the phone of the user, including a record of the use of applications and data.

Appear Apple TV and announces the cessation of the application of Facebook Research and delete it permanently from the store, in addition to block all Facebook applications internal “experimental” from the App Store, this means the Prohibition of the early versions of Facebook into user and other applications experimental subsidiary of the company, where all of them stopped working.

This ban due to the issue of the application of Facebook, Research and developer since the year 2016, which collects users ‘ data all, compared to pay them the company$ 20 a month-to-month, and of course the company here is to allow for the collection of their activities on the phone including the activity log, applications and and other other data.

Although the idea of law depends on the consent of the user or not, unless it is against the policy of Apple, where last summer Apple announced a new policy, namely, the Prevention of any application that collects this kind of data, this means that Facebook is unable to access to the application by the Facebook Research through the App Store which requires already the approval of Apple.

Instead took advantage of Facebook and apparently the program “Enterprise Developer Program” at the Apple TV, which allows a company to purchase Apple certified like Facebook, test and distribute applications specifically for their employees, and at the same time I don’t dip the Apple TV these applications and adoption as is the case with apps on the App Store, since it is supposed to be downloaded only by staff who work for the Builder app.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier, Apple announced the removal of the application of Facebook Research of the store to be your guidance will be the company in protecting the privacy of users, but also banned all Facebook applications internal pilot to violate her agreement with her previously.

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