Apple announces the issuance of a new series of computers iMac

Apple yesterday issued a new set of computers iMac, which came with the same external design but with parts, new interior, that features a iMac to the new size of 21.5-inch the existence of the third generation of processors Intel quad-core processor, in addition to storage units SKU hexagonal cores.

The device iMac 27-inch Fisher on the ninth generation of Intel processors eight-core. Apple states that these new processors offer the performance of weak compared to the previous generation of devices iMac.

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For GPUs the GPU, hernia Apple now Radeon Pro Vega for each of the version of 21.5-inch and 27-inch.

Computers iMac new is now available in the Apple App Store. And the price starts from 1299 $ 1799 $ for both models of 21.5 and 27 inches, respectively.

The base model of the version of 21.5-inch with a price of 1299$, gives you the Intel i3 of the previous generation 3.6 GHz, memory random access RAM capacity of 8 GB, and hard drive capacity 1 TB unit graphics Radeon Pro 555X.

The base model of the version of 27-inch (1799$), Fisher-processor Intel Core i5 of second generation, random access memory RAM capacity of 8 GB, hard drive 1 TB Fusion Drive, unit graphics Radeon Pro 570X.

سلسلة جديدة من حواسب iMac

Likely to be the reason behind the survival of the Fusion Drive is not the adoption of computers iMac buy safety T2 was observed in the iMac Pro وMacBook Air وMacBook Pro. Since he can’t buy a T2 just to deal with storage solid, which means that the Fusion Drive is not compatible with it.

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