Apple announces the sixth generation of iPod Touch

Announced Apple on Tuesday announced the launch of the sixth generation of her laptop “iPod shaped” iPod Touch, so after about 4 years of the launch of the previous generation.

Said Apple in a publication on her blog the “iPod formed the new” comes with improvements on power consumption, capacity, and communication at a price exceptional. The company has launched the sixth generation of “iPod shaped” mid-July 2015.

It is the advantages that enjoyed by the previous generation of “iPod shaped” wizard “a Fusion” A10 Fusion which brings performance improvements in games; and for the first time in devices, “iPod”, and brings support for augmented reality technology, and the collective “group FaceTime” Group FaceTime.

He said (Gregg Joson you) – Apple’s vice president of product marketing: “we made fewer hardware operating system ‘iOS’ price, but with the performance of the multiplier of the previous generation. It supports Service Group FaceTime, and augmented reality at a price not to exceed $ 199 USD”.

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And your “iPods are formed” new memory the internal storage capacity of 256 GB that allows to download and store audio and video files from the service “Apple Music” the Apple Music service, and “iTunes Store” iTunes Store.

Said Apple: the “iPod shaped” the new Will is available for purchase on e-store, and edited as of today, priced at 199 USD for 32 GB, priced at $ 299 per copy 128 GB, priced at $ 399 ratio of 256 GB. As for the colors, they are: gray, white, golden, blue, pink, and red.

Referred to as the “iPod shaped” targets users looking for a standalone device to run Voice and video can be provided for children who are not at the age that they can with the acquisition of a smart phone. It also can be used as a remote control for the speakers connected to the internet.


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