Apple apologized for the leak iCloud

ICloud account of some users of Apple devices have been hacked in the large-scale phishing attack. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing an official statement of representatives of the company. According to the confirmed information, the actions of the hackers were aimed at users from mainland China and did not affect residents of other countries. Despite this, the Cupertino recommend that all, without exception, to ensure the security of their accounts.

That the security of iCloud accounts were breached during a phishing attack, and its result was the massive emptying the Bank accounts of victims, it became known last week. Then the information only confirmed the representatives of the Chinese payment system Alipay, while Apple refused to give comments to independent investigation.

Phishing attacks

It is not known how it was hacked iCloud accounts. Most likely the users themselves have disclosed credentials by entering them into a fake login page or telling them to fraudsters, who introduced themselves as representatives of service Apple technical support, by phone. These two methods are the most common ways to recess a username and password to access the user accounts Apple ID.

How to protect your iCloud account

In order to avoid a repetition of the situation Apple recommends to protect accounts with two-factor authentication to all without exception. This method of protection involves the use of an additional device to confirm logging in to iCloud. Practice shows that sometimes it can incorrectly determine your location, but this is due to the imperfections of the geolocation by IP, and does not affect the overall security.

In addition, it is recommended to carefully check the e-mail addresses of Apple with which you receive emails and do not click on links contained in them. Often, scammers initiate the sending phishing links from similar addresses by using the duplication of letters in the domain name.

And finally, the third way to protect yourself for phone calls. If your phone received a call from Apple employees, which you do not expect, it is recommended to reset it and call back to tech support yourself. Most importantly, remember that the company’s employees will never ask you for your password or authorization code from your account.

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