Apple Arcade includes Game Ultimate Rivals to exclusive its possible

Apple announced about the new headline Sports, which is now available on the platform of the Apple Arcade. The game “Ultimate Rivals”, which is developed by Company Bit Fry Game Studios,Inc, the pool of athletes from hockey, basketball, football, baseball, and American football in the experience of sport fun.

The full title of the game is the “Ultimate Rivals: The Rink”, which selects players from among the more than 50 athlete to compete in hockey games.

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Everyone in the game they include star athletes, prominent competing in the hockey games exciting binary, so that the player can, for example, that combines the Alex Ovechkin and Alex Morgan against homes to Fox and nutty tofu, and others.

Can play uniquely against the computer with artificial intelligence, or play on the internet. The game is characterized by reactions of fast players as well as the graphics and visual effects beautiful.

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