Apple asks a judge to reject an offer to keep Fortnite in the App Store

Apple, on Friday, asked a federal judge in California to deny a request by Epic Games , the maker of Fortnite, to keep the game in Apple's App Store, with a dispute between the two companies over Apple's in-app payment rules.

In a file before US District Judge (Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers) in Oakland, California, Apple described the removal of the game (Fortnite) from the App Store earlier this month as a "deliberate self-injury" resulting from Epic's deliberate violation of Apple's policies.

The company argued that Judge Rogers should not agree to Epic's request for an emergency order to return the game to the App Store.

The company removed the popular game after Epic floated its own way of making in-game purchases, which Apple said violated app store rules. These rules require that games and other apps use Apple's in-app payment system, which charges commissions between 15% and 30%.

Epic sued Apple over the removal, claiming that the iPhone maker's app store rules violated antitrust laws. Epic has asked a recent federal judge to issue an order barring Apple's removal of the game (Fortnite) from the store, saying that this move – along with the company's threat to terminate the company's developer account – would cause irreparable harm to Epic and should be delayed while the case is resolved.

Epic said terminating its developer account may also hinder its ability to offer a product called Unreal Engine, which is a computer graphics software tool that hundreds of games and other applications use to power its offerings.

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