Apple asserts that it used the to the side of the car to collect data in order to serve their own maps


In the past month, has been posting photos on Twitter show the staff in the Apple walking down the street with a bunch of sensors on his back, which is supposedly part of the company’s efforts to improve the mapping service Apple Maps through the collection of data using the.

It seems that Apple has decided to now confirmed and recognized that you really that it so indicated in its official website on the internet that there are certain locations in the USA where you collect data for maps with vehicles and pedestrians. It should be noted that previously Mr. Eddy Cue, who serves as vice chairman of the Department of software and internet services at Apple that confirmed the company’s plans to rebuild the map data from scratch.

During his interview with the website TechCrunch in an interview last June, was quoted as saying : ” We want to move this to the next level. We worked on trying to create what we hope will be the best application for maps in the world, and take it to the next step. We do this by building all the map data of our own from scratch “.

Had Apple huge ambitions when it decided to enter the market of map services for several years, but the distorted maps trends wrong has created a PR nightmare for the company, which forced the company’s CEO, Mr. Tim Cook to issue a formal apology to the chaos, he also recommended using alternative services such as Google Maps and HERE Maps.


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