Apple back Touch ID in the versions of next year’s phones the iPhone

Replaced Apple Touch ID in the versions of the iPhone for the year 2018 with facial recognition Face ID that came in three versions of phones the iPhone, but the latest leaks suggest that Apple will work with sensor touch of a new versions next year.

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Came phone the iPhone 5s as the first version of Apple with sensor Touch ID, which came from Apple after the acquisition of the company AuthenTec in 2012, but Apple has replaced this feature with facial recognition Face ID in versions 2018 three.

And it was technology sensor Touch ID one of the nurses preferred to its large base of users phones iPhone, where did you find the face detection Face ID welcome the same from a lot of users of phones the iPhone, as some users have pointed to that technology Touch ID to distinguish the response of the fastest trade goods in the delivery in the phone.

The latest leaks indicate that Apple is on its way back to Touch ID of the new versions next year of phones the iPhone, where it came new details across a range of suppliers to Apple who confirmed that the Apple back see Touch ID in the 2020 iPhones.

It is planned to support the feature of Touch ID to click on any part of the screen to unlock jump into an Quick, also is expected to offer Apple a new upgrade in the technology of Touch ID that comes with the conversion of audio signals into images are encrypted fingerprint of the user, so it is expected to provide Apple versions of 2020 phones the iPhone mechanism is quick to open and close the phone.


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