Apple become the first trillion of the world

Exceed the value of the per share 207.05 billion, Apple became the first company to one trillion in the world.

Despite the saturation of the smartphone market, Apple succeeded in raising the profit margin and the average sale price thanks to iPhone X; the sales of iPhone increased only 1%, It has jumped the proceeds to 20%, to achieve revenues of $ 53.3 million with a growth of 17% on an annual basis.

Sales of the iPad are volatile while sales fell for the Mac, as the Apple TV so much that the services will represent a major part of the income, the different services represent 9.55 million, according to financial results for the quarter July 2018.

Technology companies led to a good level over the past year, and all of Amazon’s have (Google) and Microsoft’s chance to exceed value of $ 1 trillion this in turn raises questions about whether they create a situation of monopoly or the existence of legal regulation is strong to prevent her from doing that.

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