Apple believes that the consolidation of the shipping zones that would hinder innovation and waste

Replied Apple on the new proposals from legislators in Europe to force smartphone companies to standardize the charging port and the use of a separate world record, noting only that such attempts may cause in exacerbating the problem and hindering innovation.

On 13 January, the European Commission and the European Parliament their plans to reduce the amount of e-waste resulting from the Chargers, unwanted by forcing smartphone manufacturers to use the charging port standard which will use the same electrical connections, at a time when the companies rely on the USB ports greater, in the case of Apple, the port Lightning.

Discussions pointed to the possibility to exercise more pressure to make use of the charging port more uniform spread, at which time the reports emerged about forcing Apple to move on from the use of a separate Lightning to a port commonly used by other companies, with Apple TV that this will lead to inconvenience hundreds of millions of consumers, as well as the production of “unprecedented magnitude” of e-waste.

Apple intends to unify the charging port on all smart phones stifle innovation rather than encourage it, and will put consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole, noting in its statement that it hopes the European Commission in the search for a solution does not restrict innovation and provide new technologies and consumers.

Source: Apple Insider

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