Apple believes that the iPad Pro 2018 are the curvature and that this is normal!

Apple launched the devices iPad Pro 2018 in the markets for a period and then followed by the complaints of users about the vulnerability of her flexing and bending , which led to a wave of anger among them for the presence of this defect after the purchase of those devices that cost them hundreds of dollars.

آبل تعترف أن أجهزة آيباد برو 2018 قابلة للانحناء وأن هذا أمر طبيعي!Apple believes that the iPad Pro 2018 are the curvature and that this is normal!

Apple responded officially ..

In the edges of the last resort by the website TheVerge met with the spokesperson for the Apple TV in the past talked about that case acknowledged the existence of curvature in the iPad Pro may be observed by the user since the beginning or with the use!

He also added that this bending is very slight, which is a side of the manufacturing process and can get worse over time or adversely affect the performance of the iPad, clearly the Apple acknowledged the problem Without to be adopted by a defect in the device confirmed the validity of its organs and the processes of retrieval devices iPad after purchasing it did not exceed the natural proportions in the past.

تقرير - أجهزة آيباد برو 2018 أكثر عرضة للانحناء والثني!The iPad Pro 2018 more likely to crouch and tuck!

Website TheVerge says that the user can replace or recover your iPad Pro during a specified period after the purchase, but after Apple’s recent don’t think it’s a flaw, it is not clear if they will do a questionnaire during or after the duration of the loopback.

It is worth mentioning that the channel JerryRigEverything famous on YouTube made a video to test the durability of your iPad Pro 2018 which showed the ease of bending of the device once being beaten strongly medium at the middle.

Apple no previous history with the problem of bending with the iPhone 6 Plus was susceptible to bending with regular use, which paid for most likely out of those official statements reassured the public that the repetition of it in the iPad is not a defect, but this is not enough for the audience that seems not happy to be an aesthetic problem or function in the device expensive due to bending.

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