Apple buys startup companies in the field of artificial intelligence, voice to develop intelligent assistant “Siri”

Acquired the Apple company Apple company “boosting” Pullstring emerging, based in San Francisco, specializing in the field of artificial intelligence AI, especially what regards the voice applications, interactive and intelligent, which the application of the intelligent personal assistant, such Assistant Amazon the same way Amazon Alexa assistant Google Google Assistant.

Founded “boosting” in 2011 by former employees at the company “Pixar” Pixar, and “posting” great fame in the field of technology as the backbone software behind the sound systems of folk games, such as doll “aura Barbie” Hello Barbie.

It is not yet clear Apple’s intention behind the acquisition of “boosting”, in a deal reportedly ranging between 45 and 100 million dollars, but it is likely that they will benefit from the experience of “boosting” in building apps platform has an intelligent personal assistant, such as the way, Martin, assistant, Google, to help develop features her personal assistant “Siri” Siri, which lacks a lot of features compared to the tens of thousands of integration processes and skills and procedures offered by Amazon and Google in smart Plugin of their own.

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