Apple can replace the hours Apple Watch hours Series 2 as an alternative to repair the damage

Let Apple in the month of February next to the service providers approved of the company’s replacement of the original watches are the Apple Watch that need to make repairs with the newest version of hours Apple Smart Series 2, to continue this display until the month of April.


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May prefer a lot of users hours Apple smart first version of the Watch Apple Watch, which was launched for the first time since 4 years ago, however, Apple will not offer repairs for this version through the coming period, so as an alternative to going to the users choice. in replacement of the first version of Apple Watch model 42 mm, with the newest version of the previous Smart Series 2.

This decision comes from Apple as a result of the transfer in the internal organs of this version, so I came to read Apple according to leaks published through MacRumors, replace the original version of the Apple Watch model is 42 mm, with the newest version of Smart Watch Series 2, also does not provide registration details about whether this offer includes the model 38 mm from the smart watch.

Recall that the width of the replacement provided by Apple in accordance with the arrangements starts from February until April, with expectations to continue the show for the biggest have some of the service providers accredited by the Apple company.


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