Apple cancelled 3D Touch phones iPhone and headphones AirPod 2

آبل تلغي 3D Touch من هواتف آيفون وتطور سماعات AirPod 2

Apple launched before some 3 years 3D Touch within the iPhone to record the process of using the app was a paradigm shift in the view of the company. But it seems that it won’t last long, as they would abolish it in some of its phones this year, and then cancel them to the full its phones next year.

Wherein said data analysis company trusted Barclays that Apple will abolish the feature of the 3D Touch in the phones screen OLED next year, which means that both phones will feature, where it has already determined position of the affairs of the Apple Ming-Chi Kuo about the cancellation feature of the phones that works as traditional this year.

And last, the iPhone three this year, won’t they all come with 3D Touch, but all will do the water next year.

On the other side, it is expected to release the Apple version headphones AirPod 2, which is according to Analytics coming with the feature of wireless charging and will have assistant Siri to control devices by way of her instead of running her over the phone.

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