Apple caught VPN from Facebook in the surveillance of users

Apple has sent Facebook a requirement to remove corporate VPN service social network called Onava from the App Store. This writes TechCrunch with reference to representatives of the company. The reason is the violation of the privacy policy established for third-party developers.

“We work hard to ensure the security of our users’ data, stated in the press service of Apple. — Updated policy [privacy] Apple clearly States that apps must not collect information about other applications installed on the user’s device”.

How Facebook monitors users

The transition Onava under the wing of Facebook took place in 2013, however, the integration of VPN services and branded social networking application occurred only about six months ago. Since then, Facebook to easily analyze the outgoing traffic of its users, data on the movements and installed on their device applications.

It is noteworthy that Google, whose app catalog Onavo is still available for download, Facebook filed similar claims. However, it’s not surprising. As you know, the search giant can easily ignore it, if suddenly it comes to cases of spying on users.

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