Apple celebrates the expansion of access through some of its applications and its users

Celebrated Apple Day-raising the possibility of global reach through many different ways, so that it has the App Store on many features, including the feature for the best apps to access vision, hearing, speech and learning and effort and movement, and more.

In recognition of World Day for access, I have Apple TV four stories featured on the App Store, one of which highlights Lee Ridley, the comedian with cerebral palsy, the وSimon Wheatcroft, the sports Bank Blind, and more.

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I have Apple TV also a wishlist feature to the best apps to access across a variety of categories, works on both iPhone and iPad hours Apple TV

Some possible applications include the Seeking AI and voice Dream Reader وRead2Go وAva workers and ASL App وDeaf Wake وTouchChat HD وProloquo4Text وSpeechify وPictello وKeeble وHawkeye Access وShortcuts وPhilips Hue and many others. Check out all the apps from here.

Published as Apple is also the story of another distinctive, A for photographer Rachael Short interest in the spinal cord by about ten years. Now is you capture beautiful pictures with your iPhone of its own.

آبل تحتفل بيوم التوعية بإمكانية الوصول العالمي

Home page the company also has been promoting for this day under the slogan “technology is most powerful when made available for everyone”. Provide web page access to the many programs of educational short about how to turn on accessibility features built into iOS وmacOS.

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